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Over 3.4 billion email scams or phishing emails are sent every day.

It’s time to rethink your email security solution. Cisco Secure Email instantly detects, quarantines, investigates, and remediates cyber attacks and spam attacks that target your email and private information.

Isn’t it time to stop all incoming threats? 

Automated email security will give your IT staff more time to focus on other issues. Cisco Secure Email has the industry’s most advanced technology to automatically stop spam, viruses, and other anomalies.

Cisco Secure Email provided by VigarooPlus is a sophisticated email filtering system that can protect your organization and prevent your inbox from filling up with unwanted spam emails that may contain scams, viruses, or other harmful material.  


Anti Spam

STOP, Junk mail. Email scams. Unsolicited offers. Adult material.

Anti Virus

PROTECT from, Spyware. Malware. Browser Hijackers. Phishing.


Resource Lab

Cisco Secure Email

Cisco Secure Email is not just software but rather a cloud-based system that operates autonomously. Cisco Secure Email continually receives updates on new email threats and outbreaks to help keep your business secure. 

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Client Reviews

I've been working with the team at Vigaroo for 5 years now and they always exceed expectations. I required an agency that would listen and customize a plan while providing first-class service. I highly recommend you contact Vigaroo today.
John Vizzi, Owner Colorado Flat Fee Realty

Vigaroo is absolutely the best at what they do. Their expertise has been an invaluable help to me and my business.
Chris Carroll, Owner Underhill Audio