Benefits in Understanding SEO


As a business owner you can’t know everything, so we wanted to help you in understanding SEO. Let’s begin by saying I’m not out to impress you with complicated jargon or terms. After all, I want you to understand SEO. The more you understand SEO the better. It’s that simple. NO JARGON JUST SIMPLE LANGUAGE IN UNDERSTANDING SEO. SEO is … Read More

Get Online Customer Reviews

vigarooPlusadminOnline Reviews

Get Online Customer Reviews Online Customer Reviews are here to stay. Picture this far-too-common situation: You’re plugging along in your business, you’ve accumulated a handful of positive customer online reviews from past customers on Yelp or Facebook. You’re in great shape, right? Now imagine that a disgruntled customer posts a scathing review on Google+ – a review site you haven’t … Read More

Targeted Display Advertising

vigarooPlusadminTargeted Display Advertising

Targeted Display Advertising is key for small business. Targeted display is a very effective and cost-efficient way to get your business message out to prospect and future customers. In this article, I wanted to unveil 7 strategies commonly used within effective targeted advertising campaigns. Behavioral Targeting Behavioral Targeting is a technique used by online publishers and advertisers to increase the … Read More

Improve Your Email Marketing

vigarooPlusadminEmail Marketing

Improve Your Email Marketing While some may think email marketing is outdated, it still remains as one of the best Internet marketing options available. However, email marketing can be made much more effective when the marketers know how to properly utilize it. There are many factors to consider, but here are the five main topics that every email marketer should … Read More